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May 2018

ABSENT – Friday 1st June

Here is the plan for today Session 1 and 2: Inter-School sports – Ms Ward takes Rocket Softball girls, playing at Greenhills Session 3 and 4 – Reading – All lit circles groups need to present first role and summaries…. Continue Reading →

Inquiry – Tornadoes

Watch: Make: Make a Tornado in a Jar! The swirling winds of a tornado are called a vortex. In this experiment you will make a vortex that looks like a real tornado! While real tornadoes happen in air, the vortex… Continue Reading →


Congratulations on the effort that went into homework this week. Give Mrs Coulson a big thank you! I think your parents may think you could hit a category 5 if your bedrooms are anything to go by!!!(Joke, I’m sure your… Continue Reading →

ABSENT – Thursday 24th May

Here is the plan for today 5W: Session 1 and 2 READING : Complete reading the first quarter of your literature circles book. DO NOT READ AHEAD. Write a summary and complete your first role. Early finishers create your front… Continue Reading →


Be thankful for all we have 5W watch: Here is Hugh’s website if you’d like to have a further read: Here is the Smiling Mind website for mindful meditation:

Lit Circles Role

Lit Circles Roles

ABSENT – Tuesday 22 May, 2018

Good Morning 5W, here is the plan for today: Session 1: Art Session 2: Music Session 3: Reading – Begin reading your literature circles text. Take notes to help you when you compete your role and summary. DO NOT READ… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles – Connector and Word Wizard

Homework Wk 5 – CYCLONES

HOMEWORK EXPECTATIONS. Read through the homework requirements CAREFULLY. Have you completed all homework requirements? Your homework WILL BE presented to your class. BE PREPARED. SEE YOUR TEACHER BEFORE FRIDAY IF YOU REQUIRE FURTHER CLARIFICATION . Watch the following BtN clips:… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles – Discussion Director

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