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May 9, 2016

Writing Week 5 Term 2 – NAPLAN Narrative

The Box Today  you will complete a NAPLAN practice but this time it will be a narrative. Read the prompt ‘ The Box’ You will have 15minutes to plan and 40 minutes to write. Remember to use your time wisely… Continue Reading →

Research Task Week 5 – Floods

Read the Herald Sun article about Floods. Write a summary in your reading book about the article. Create a poster using your iPad about floods. You must include the following: map, timeline of events, 3 photos, 5 facts, information must… Continue Reading →

Inquiry – Week 5 GeoHazards

Mother Earth can seem like an uncaring planet. The impact of geohazards on our lives and economy is very great, and will never go away. Every year floods, tsunamis, severe storms, drought, wildfires, volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and subsidence claim thousands… Continue Reading →

Writing Week 5 – NAPLAN

Read together as a class the below NAPLAN Writing prompt: The Box You now have 15 minutes to read the prompt and plan your narrative. Your time starts now. Planning time is now over, you may now begin writing your… Continue Reading →

Language Investigation Week 5 –

Read the text ‘Buy my house’ Complete the below worksheets in your reading book: buy my house worksheet  

Inquiry – Week 5

Read the story: FLOOD About The Text: The cattle dog looks out and sniffs the air. At first the rain is a welcome arrival after the dry spell, and the land looks green again. However the rain soon becomes too… Continue Reading →

Reading and Viewing Week 5 – Floods BtN

Watch the below Btn about floods: Complete the below questions in your Reading book using full sentences: 1. What areas have been affected by the floods? 2. Water always finds the      a.Highest land      b.Lowest land      c.Flattest… Continue Reading →

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