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May 2, 2016


Homework Week 4 Term 2- Even Book

Here is this week’s homework: Homework T2W42016 Signs    

Reading Week 4 – Research Task

Read the Herald Sun article ‘Volcanoes’. Research a famous volcano or volcanic eruption and create an informative poster. You must include: A map Dates and a timeline 3 Photos 5 facts

Reading Week 4 – Guided Group NAPLAN Reading test

Complete the remainder questions from the NAPLAN Reading test book: Reading Pg 1 Reading Pg 2 Reading Pg 3 Reading Pg 4 Reading Pg 5

Reading Week 4 – Reading and Viewing – Volcanoes

Watch the below video about Volcanoes: 1: Where does the word `volcano’ come from? 2: Where is Mount Vesuvius? 3: What is an extinct volcano? 4: When was the last time Vesuvius erupted? 5: Describe a pyroclastic flow. 6:… Continue Reading →

Reading Week 4 – Language Conventions NAPLAN

Complete the following NAPLAN Language Conventions test on your iPad. Remember to attempt every question. Language Pg 1 Language Pg 2 Language Pg 3 Language Pg 4 Language Pg 5 Language Pg 6

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