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WRITING – WK6T4 – Leader Biography

Now you need to publish your work in an app of your choice. Must include the following: Size –  A3 A heading using an interesting font Full sentences and paragraphs Sub headings Minimum of 5 photos – This can be… Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day

Watch: Discuss: Why do we observe a minute silence on the 11th of November each year? What are the historical origins of the day? Why is this day special to Australians? What does this day mean to you? Create… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles Roles Posters

Lit Circles Roles Posters


Watch: Today you need to complete the following: What is your parties beliefs? What is your bill? Now create your advertising campaign. You must make an ad. Your ad can include text with your party beliefs, music, a story etc…… Continue Reading →


Watch: Answer the following questions: Why have people been protesting in Catalonia recently? Which country is Catalonia part of? About how many people live in Catalonia? What is the capital? Who has ultimate control over how Catalonia runs? When… Continue Reading →

Popcorn Capacity Challenge

Watch: Record each step of today’s lesson on your ipad! Popcorn problem A3 paper activity- design a container to hold your popcorn. Does it all fit into the container? Is it full to capacity? Are you sure??????Prove it. Write a… Continue Reading →


You have two weeks to complete this task. The intention of this homework task is to prepare a 2 – 3 minute prepared talk to give to your class. Your talk must be informative, well researched, carefully prepared using palm… Continue Reading →

FRIDAY 3rd November 2017

Hi 5W, As you know I am at HotShots Tennis. Here is the plan for today. Session 1 and 2: Interschool Sports Session 3 and 4: Maths – Melbourne Cup Activity Watch: Calculate the chance and probability of rolling… Continue Reading →


Watch: Things to think about in your campaign brainstorm: Who is your campaign leader? Who is in charge of organisation? What is the party name? What are your beliefs and policies? Costs – What is the budget? Who will pay?… Continue Reading →

Wednesday 1st November, 2017

Hi 5W, I am at a meeting this morning and will be back this afternoon after lunch. Here is the timetable for the day: Session 1: Reading – Literature Circles: Continue to read the first quarter of your book. Make… Continue Reading →

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