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FRIDAY 3rd November 2017

Hi 5W, As you know I am at HotShots Tennis. Here is the plan for today. Session 1 and 2: Interschool Sports Session 3 and 4: Maths – Melbourne Cup Activity Watch: Calculate the chance and probability of rolling… Continue Reading →


Watch: Things to think about in your campaign brainstorm: Who is your campaign leader? Who is in charge of organisation? What is the party name? What are your beliefs and policies? Costs – What is the budget? Who will pay?… Continue Reading →

Wednesday 1st November, 2017

Hi 5W, I am at a meeting this morning and will be back this afternoon after lunch. Here is the timetable for the day: Session 1: Reading – Literature Circles: Continue to read the first quarter of your book. Make… Continue Reading →

Writing – FANTALES

Read: Now write your own fantale ‘Who am I’ biography of a famous person of your choice.    

Tuesday 31st October, 2017

Hi 5W, Today I am in a meeting with the leadership team of Apollo. Here is the plan for the day: Session 1: Art Session 2: Music Session 3: Reading – Literature Circles: Continue to read the first quarter of… Continue Reading →

WRITING – Biographies Good Copy

Now you need to publish your work in an app of your choice. Must include the following: Size –  A3 A heading using an interesting font Full sentences and paragraphs Sub headings Minimum of 5 photos – This can be… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning

Good morning 5W, I will be here today however late, I’m taking Brandi to camp. This is the plan this morning. You need to draw the front cover of your new literature circles book in your literature circles exercise book…. Continue Reading →

HOMEWORK WK3T4 This is an excellent site showing the amount of tax you pay according to your income. For the purpose of this homework activity, you will have an income of $100,000 per annum and you will have to pay tax… Continue Reading →


TOWN PLANNING Comparing areas- You will have used this link in your classrooms before doing this homework task. See your teacher if you are having any issues. Set out a table in Pages. 1. image    2. area    3. perimeter… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles Groups Term 4

The Bubble Boy Nessa, Nick, Sophia, Andrew, Jake and Ben Maybe Tristan, Maroun, Josh, Leah, Araya and Emily Out of my mind Perri, Lucy, Vicki and Mackenzie On the run Nadia, Trent, Chelsea, Devan, Liam and Dylan

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