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Writing – Information Reports

What is an information report? Formal written information reports usually follow a very specific structure. The first part of an information report is the title, or heading, of the report. This will tell the reader what topic is covered in… Continue Reading →

Absent Wednesday 6th June – Afternoon

Session 5 – Go to the SDS for speech session. Meet them in their room. Session 6 – Maths – Continue working on Dream Holiday budget.

Maths – Dream Holiday

Getting those Winter blues? Feeling a little chilly? Dreaming of a warm tropical holiday? Your task today is to research your dream over seas holiday. You have a budget of $25,000.00 AUD You need to include the following: Flights for… Continue Reading →

Homework Week 8

Preparing for a disaster. Listening and speaking task. Use your iPad to record an alert for a disaster of your choice. FIRE, FLOOD, STORM, EARTHQUAKE, TSUNAMI, THUNDERSTORM ASTHMA OR EXTREME HEAT. Use this link for the information you will need… Continue Reading →

ABSENT – Friday 1st June

Here is the plan for today Session 1 and 2: Inter-School sports – Ms Ward takes Rocket Softball girls, playing at Greenhills Session 3 and 4 – Reading – All lit circles groups need to present first role and summaries…. Continue Reading →

Inquiry – Tornadoes

Watch: Make: Make a Tornado in a Jar! The swirling winds of a tornado are called a vortex. In this experiment you will make a vortex that looks like a real tornado! While real tornadoes happen in air, the vortex… Continue Reading →


Congratulations on the effort that went into homework this week. Give Mrs Coulson a big thank you! I think your parents may think you could hit a category 5 if your bedrooms are anything to go by!!!(Joke, I’m sure your… Continue Reading →

ABSENT – Thursday 24th May

Here is the plan for today 5W: Session 1 and 2 READING : Complete reading the first quarter of your literature circles book. DO NOT READ AHEAD. Write a summary and complete your first role. Early finishers create your front… Continue Reading →


Be thankful for all we have 5W watch: Here is Hugh’s website if you’d like to have a further read: Here is the Smiling Mind website for mindful meditation:

Lit Circles Role

Lit Circles Roles

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