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What is G.S.T? Let’s discuss! a) In your own words, describe what tax is. b) What are taxes used for? c) What does GST stand for? d) Name three products that you don’t pay GST on. e) Which products… Continue Reading →

WRITING – Similes and Metaphors

Watch the below clip:   Complete the following task: Similes: It makes a comparison of two unlike things using the words “like” or “as”. For example: As big as an elephant As dark as the night As cold as ice… Continue Reading →

WRITING – Idioms

Watch the below video about idioms: What are idioms? An idiom is a phrase whose meaning can not be interpreted literally. The group of words together has a completely different meaning than the individual words. Example: “It’s raining cats and… Continue Reading →

WRITING – Onomatopoeia

What is onomatopoeia? Onomatopoeia refers to words that sound exactly or almost exactly like the thing that they represent. Many words that we use for animal or machine noises are onomatopoeia words, such as “moo” for the sound a cow… Continue Reading →

Homework Week 3 Term 3

Continue to complete your allocated Matletics and Spellodrome tasks. Watch the below BtN story. Complete the following questions on your iPad, write the question and answer out. 1: Briefly describe what the Deep Space Network is. 2. How has… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles Roles

Lit Circles Roles Posters

Passage Picker and Plot Twister Literature Circles

Write a summary for the text “Chester’s Way.” Complete the Passage Picker and Plot Twister Role:

MARS Investigation

Congratulations! You have been selected as astronauts and scientists to visit the Mars Australian Research Station (M.A.R.S.) on Mars! You’ll perform science experiments in the Laboratory and work on the computers in Mission Control. Before you go you’ll need to… Continue Reading →

WRITING – WK3T3 – Shape Poems

What is a shape poem? A Shape Poem is a type of poetry that describes an object and is shaped the same as the object the poem is describing. You could write your shape poem on anything. What Shapes Could… Continue Reading →

READING – WK2T3 – Discussion Director.

Write a summary for the text “Wonder”. (What we have read so far) Complete the Discussion Director Role:  

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