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Mars rover missions Using the information from the link above write a paragraph about each rover and it’s specialty. This can be done on your iPad or in your Inquiry books. Extension: Write a short narrative about the Mars Rover. What has… Continue Reading →

Graphing: Choosing your own statistics!

Representing data in graphs – view the following website: 1. Look at different types of graphs showing data. Discuss why certain graphs have been used for different purposes. 2. Record different types of graphs in your Maths book with… Continue Reading →

Finding the ‘Hidden Figures’

This week, you are investigating someone who has made a contribution to space discovery for your homework. Your Task: Using the websites below, you are to investigate one of the “human computers” represented in the movie Hidden Figures. In your… Continue Reading →

Comparing fractions


During your excursion to the Victorian Space Centre you will be a part of the MARS EXPERIENCE. You will communicate with Mars from Mission Control. Before you head off on your excursion you need to do some research into MARS…. Continue Reading →

Rocketing Through The Atmosophere

Homework – Term 4, Week 4

Contributors to Space NOTE – Due to the long weekend next week we are giving you two weeks for this homework task.  More time does not mean you are to leave it until the last minute though. Choose a person… Continue Reading →

Reading groups – Term 4 Week 3

SESSION 1 Teacher – Spag Bols – Charlie, Axel, Ben, Zac, Lily, Freyja, Sarah Stars – Chicken Schnitzels – Tom, Jackson, Leigh-Roy The Layers of the Earth – Cookies & Cream – Tess, Kirpa, Eli, Adam, Oliver, Abel, Emre Fallen… Continue Reading →

Colour Run! Wednesday 24th October!

Register here:

Homework – Term 4, Week 3 International Space Station   The International Space Station (ISS) has hit the news this week. Using the links above you will research what life would be like on the station. 1.Recreate a labelled drawing of the space station using… Continue Reading →

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