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Literature Circles – Term 2

Axel, Emre, Adam, Ethan and Shannon Lily, Alice, Taya, Sarah, Freyja, Alannah and Alex   Kirpa, Tessa, Tom, Abel and Phoebe Oliver, Aren, Zac, Charlie, Eli and Ben    


Who is there to offer assistance to those experiencing the devastating effects of natural disasters? Visit the homepage for the Victorian SES. There are links to 4 natural events  on this homepage.  List the 4 events. The homework this… Continue Reading →

ABSENT – Thursday 10th May

Hi 5W, Sorry I am still unwell, I will be in on Friday. Don’t forget to bring Mother’s Day stall money if you need to buy something on Friday. Here is the plan for today: Session 1 and 2: Reading… Continue Reading →

ABSENT Wednesday 9th May

Hello 5W, I’m not feeling well so here is the plan for today: Session 1: Reading – Continue reading rotations Session 2: RMIT – On the oval with RMIT Session 3: Sport Training – I am softball girls Rockets, my… Continue Reading →

READING WK4T2 – Language Investigation – Conjunctions

Conjunctions: Watch: Write the definition of a conjunction in your reading book: Conjunctions join two parts of a sentence and help to show the connection between the two parts of the sentence. and tells you more We went home and… Continue Reading →

READING WK4T2 – Research Task

Research a famous volcano or volcanic eruption and create an informative news report using iMovie on your iPad. You must include: A map Dates and a timeline 3 Photos 5 facts

READING WK4T2 – Reading and Viewing – Volcano Safety

Watch: Answer the following questions in your Reading book: 1. Summarise the BtN Volcano Safety story. 2. Describe the disruption the ash cloud caused. 3. How were Paige and Max’s holiday plans affected by the erupting volcano? 4. Where… Continue Reading →


Here is this week’s homework! Remember to rule your page, date and headings. Homework T2 W3

Maths Wk3T2- 3D Shape

Task 1: Create a 3D Shape stop motion movie using toothpicks, raspberries and marshmallows to make your shapes. You need to ensure you include the following in your movie Title 3-4 Shapes Label your shapes, all vertices, faces and edges… Continue Reading →

Reading Research Task Wk3T2 – Breaking News

Create your own News Article! Read the DROUGHT Poster from the Herald Sun. Drought Now you need to research a Drought from any where in the world. Using comic life, make an article page. This page should include: Heading… Continue Reading →

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