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Homework task for week 7

BREAKING NEWS- Over the next week Australian Politics will be going through some major changes. As this is our Inquiry unit for the term, it is quite timely that this chaos is happening in Canberra. You will not be able… Continue Reading →

Lit Circles – Week 6 task

Word Wizard Your task is to find 10 important words in the section you have just read and create and complete a table (see below) in your Lit Circles book.  Look for words that are: Puzzling or unfamiliar Words that… Continue Reading →

Biography Sample


Literature Circles – Term 3

Bleakboy & Hunter – Stand Out in the Rain Week 6 – Page 42             Week 7 – Page 85 Week 8 – Page 125           Week 9 – Page 163 Lily              Axel             Sarah Alex             Aren            Abel Boy Overboard… Continue Reading →

Receipt planner for lasoo

Receipt Planner copy-webtzk  


Comprehension G.S.T What is G.S.T?   Let’s discuss! a) In your own words, describe what tax is. b) What are taxes used for? c) What does GST stand for? d) Name three products that you don’t pay GST on…. Continue Reading →

Homework week 6

Homework week 6.- Financial Maths Published on August 16, 2018 | Leave a response If only I had learnt about budgets when I was in primary school….. I would be able to organise my finances, save for a rainy day,… Continue Reading →


Breaking Down the Docket

Uses for shopping dockets: Personal budgeting Tax invoice Date of purchase Shop location Rates/savings/specials What is the store location? What was the purchase date? Using your iPad, find out what the acronyms ABN and GST stand for. Round each item… Continue Reading →

$$$ Financial mathematics $$$

Work though a Money Smart example at:    

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