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Angles – Design a mini golf hole …

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Division Revision


Multiplication Revision


Excursion – Victorian Space Science Education Center

Woohoo!  Our excursion is finally here! Monday 19th November Please be at school early.  Meet in the classroom at 8:30am to have your name marked off the role. Be in school uniform, hat included. Bring a small backpack with your… Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day – 11/11/18!n1%5d%3a125&user_id=dba9de463b51afed19f86656f34c9bed74199290620984e04f72ac0ccf29ac96&WT.tsrc=email&WT.mc_id=Email%7c%5bkids_sfmc_8_11_18_btn_df_!n1%5d%7c125Download+Resource%26nbsp%3b_BTN

Mars rover missions Using the information from the link above write a paragraph about each rover and it’s specialty. This can be done on your iPad or in your Inquiry books. Extension: Write a short narrative about the Mars Rover. What has… Continue Reading →

Comparing fractions


During your excursion to the Victorian Space Centre you will be a part of the MARS EXPERIENCE. You will communicate with Mars from Mission Control. Before you head off on your excursion you need to do some research into MARS…. Continue Reading →

Reading groups – Term 4 Week 3

SESSION 1 Teacher – Spag Bols – Charlie, Axel, Ben, Zac, Lily, Freyja, Sarah Stars – Chicken Schnitzels – Tom, Jackson, Leigh-Roy The Layers of the Earth – Cookies & Cream – Tess, Kirpa, Eli, Adam, Oliver, Abel, Emre Fallen… Continue Reading →

Time zones

Google your own world map showing time zones. Working out the time differences between countries. You are a business person who needs to communicate with your clients in many different countries around the world. For you it may… Continue Reading →

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