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Term1 Week4 Reading

Reading Week 4 – Guided Group NAPLAN Reading test

Complete the remainder questions from the NAPLAN Reading test book: Reading Pg 1 Reading Pg 2 Reading Pg 3 Reading Pg 4 Reading Pg 5

Language Investigation Week 4 – Full Sentences

Watch the below clip: In your reading book, answer the following questions in full sentences. Remember to use key words and restate the main ideas. At what age is a person an adult? Why do you think so? If could… Continue Reading →

Research Task – Week 4

Research a picture on the internet of the ship “Endeavour” that Captain Cook famously voyaged on. Paste the picture into your reading book and label the different parts of the ship. Your writing must be clear and easily identified.  

Reading and Viewing – Week4

Watch the below clip about Captain Cook. In your reading book, write a brief summary about what you have just watched. Make sure you include ‘key’ words and full sentences. Create a map on the explain everything app about Captain… Continue Reading →

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