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Term1 Week 3 Reading

Reading Rotations – Whole Class Text – Staying Alive in Year 5

In your Reading book, draw a detailed picture of Mr Murlin from Staying alive in year 5. Write a character description about Mr Murlin. Describe what your character looks like in detail Describe the personality traits of your character When… Continue Reading →

Reading Rotations Wk3 – Language Investigation

Answer the following trivia questions about Australia in your Reading book using full sentences. You may use the internet to find the answers, however, try and challenge yourself and guess the answer first before looking it up.     Cookies… Continue Reading →

Reading Rotations Wk 3 – Research Task

During Inquiry this term we will be investigating famous Australians. Using the internet, find some interesting facts about Captain Cook. Create a quiz for a friend using an app of your choice (popplet, keynote or pages). For example: When was… Continue Reading →

Reading Rotations Wk 3 -Reading and Viewing – What’s Australia Day all about?

Before watching the below clip, answer the following questions in your Reading book: What do you do on Australia Day? Is it a special day for you? Watch:!/media/598639/what-s-australia-day-all-about- Answer the following questions in your English book: What notable event… Continue Reading →

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