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Term 4 Week 1 Reading

Language Investigation Week 1 Term 4 – Clauses and Commas

Complete the below activity: the-eagle-has-landed When you have finished you can practice this week’s spelling words using the spelling matrix: Grade 5 Spelling Matrix Grade 5 Spelling Lists  

Research Task Week 1 Term 4 – Alien Hunt

Watch the below BtN: Complete the below activity: What do aliens look like? Draw your impression of an alien on an A4 piece of paper. What has shaped your idea of an alien’s appearance? Why are they often portrayed… Continue Reading →

Reading and Viewing Week 1 Term 4 – Roald Dahl

Watch the following BtN: Answer the following questions in your Reading Book using full sentences: 1: Think of three adjectives to describe his books. 2: What inspired Roald Dahl to write Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? 3: Before he… Continue Reading →

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