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2016 in Review Aussie News 1. What was a big news event in Australia this year? 2. Who was returned as Prime Minister of Australia in 2016? 3. Why were refugees in the news this year? 4. What decision was made about… Continue Reading →

Reading and Viewing Week 10 – New President

Watch the below BtN story: Answer the following questions in your Reading book, make sure you write the question and answer the question using full sentences. New President 1. Who is the new President of the United States? 2…. Continue Reading →

Research Task – Week 10 Design your own Planet

Imagine you could have your own planet!!!! Design your own planet to include the following: Who would be the leader? What is you planet called? Who lives there? What natural resources are there? What jobs are available? What are the… Continue Reading →

Language Investigation – Week 10

Complete the following activity and paste it into your Reading book: Revision Nouns and Adjectives Now with a partner, play the below two games: ghost-writers grabble

Reading and Viewing – Shuttle Shutdown

Watch the below BtN clip: Complete the following comprehension questions in your Reading book. Make sure it is your best handwriting. 1. How long has the space shuttle program been going? 2. In which year did man first land… Continue Reading →

Research Task – Design your own Spaceship

Imagine you’re a NASA Space Engineer. It is your role to design a Spaceship that can transport humans, animals, food and water to another planet. Label your drawing. Write a short paragraph about your design. Things to consider: Size Colour… Continue Reading →

Language Investigation Week 9 – Mars and Neptune

Complete the Mars worksheet. Paste this into your Reading book. Complete the Neptune Cube task. Make sure this is your best work, it will be displayed in the classroom.

Guided Reading – Week 8

Read the below text and complete the comprehension questions in your reading book. stars-pg-1 stars-pg-2 stars-pg-3 stars-pg-4

Research Task – Information Card or Narrative

Choose from the two following activities: 1: Create an information card about a planet of your choice (Do not research the Sun or Mars). Use poster paper, this will be displayed. Include the following: Diagram Distance from Earth and Sun… Continue Reading →

Language Investigation – Adjectives

Complete the below adjectives task: Glitter Moon Make sure this is completed using your best handwriting. Early finishers – Complete a spelling matrix task using this weeks spelling words.

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