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INQUIRY – Preferential Voting


All day science – Lengths of Shadows

Today we will be conducting an experiment to explore the lengths of a shadow in a day. You will need: your science scrapbook a pencil, ruler, eraser the resources I will give you What we are going to do: Discuss… Continue Reading →

MARS Project Continued

Final Activities: Living & Working on Mars Communicating with Mars Astronauts on Mars must be able to communicate with Mission Control back on Earth. Research how a radio signal travels from Earth to Mars and back again, and create an… Continue Reading →

Chasing Shadows

* What is a shadow? * What is need to make a shadow? * How do shadows change? * Does your shadow move in the same direction as you do? * Are you and your shadow joined together? * How… Continue Reading →

MARS Project cont….

EARTH VS MARS (Layered Book) To make a Layered Book stack 3 or 4 sheets of paper (add coloured paper if you want), as you fold them over slide them so equal spaced tabs are visible. Secure with a couple… Continue Reading →

MARS Project – Mars Map

ANNOTATED MARS MAPS (with Folded Tabs) Create a map of Mars and find the location and any other interesting information about features on Mars, which include: Olympus Mons Valles Marineris North and South Poles Impact Craters (created by meteorites) in… Continue Reading →

Science – Our place in space

How do we know it is day? What might we see if it is day? How do we know it is night? What might we see if it is night? You will be investigating your ideas about what causes day… Continue Reading →

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