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Week 1 T4 – Guided Reading – Government in Australia – How our Democracy works’

Read the following pages from ‘Government in Australia- How our Democracy works’ by Melissa Kennedy- SKM_284e17101007240-1lxyasu SKM_284e17101007250-25juifg Task Using the text as a reference, construct a promotional poster using ComicLife or Pages, that promotes the work of Local Councils. When… Continue Reading →

Week 1 T4 – Language Investigation – Past Tenses

I had an amazing holiday, I hope you did too! Please read through the following site: TASK: Using the information that you know about past tense, create either a rap or iMovie to present to the class informing your… Continue Reading →

Week 1 T4 – BtN – Young Leaders Answer the following questions in your Reading Book: Who were some of the leaders mentioned by the young students? What qualities make a good leader? ( can you find all of them? this is where the students were talking… Continue Reading →

Week 1 T4 – Research Task – New Neighbours

Welcome to the neighbourhood! You have new neighbours living next door and they are completely new to the area. They have asked you for assistance and it is your job to come up with all the essential information they need… Continue Reading →

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