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This is what you need to include in your review: Rate out of 5 stars Organisation: Fun: Group Work: Write a brief comment about this activity: What did you enjoy? How could this group improve? What did this group do… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Preferential Voting



You must finish your BILL Now create your advertising campaign. You must make an ad. Your ad can include text with your party beliefs, music, a story etc… make people want to vote for you!!! Your ad needs to only… Continue Reading →


Watch: Today you need to complete the following: What is your parties beliefs? What is your bill? Now create your advertising campaign. You must make an ad. Your ad can include text with your party beliefs, music, a story etc…… Continue Reading →


Watch: Things to think about in your campaign brainstorm: Who is your campaign leader? Who is in charge of organisation? What is the party name? What are your beliefs and policies? Costs – What is the budget? Who will pay?… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Teamwork and Leadership

Watch: Using a lamp we are going to trace your silhouette and draw your brain. Inside your brain you need to list as many personality/ leadership qualties that you have or believe makes a great leader!!! Be creative!!!! Must be… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Yertle the Turtle

  Answer the following questions about Yertle the Turtle. We have discussed many of these issues during our class discussion. Why do you think Yertle the Turtle thought he was superior to the other turtles? Why did the other turtles… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY WK3T4 – Local Development

Now that we have walked through the green space you have some sense of how large the area actually is. How should it be developed to best suit the needs of the community? Take photos of the area to assist… Continue Reading →


Pencil on a string What you will need- a texta 1 piece of string for each group member (1.5 metres in length) piece of A3 paper Instructions Attach each piece of string to the texta (you can use tape) and… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Levels of Government

We are going to watch the following BtN together. It looks at the different levels of government in Australia. Check out the fact sheet below – what roles does each level of government play? Factsheet_1.1_ThreeLevelsOfGovt Design a graphic… Continue Reading →

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