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Literature Circles Term 3

Here are the groups for this term: PAPER PLANES: Matilda Amelia Ebony Olivia Lily Nate           WICKED WARRIORS Jaidyn Logan Kazuma Saxon Nicky Kenny           THE ELEPHANT ROAD Aaron Tristan Jorja Ashleigh… Continue Reading →

Language Investigation – Idioms

Watch the below video about idioms: What are idioms? An idiom is a phrase whose meaning can not be interpreted literally. The group of words together has a completely different meaning than the individual words. Example: “It’s raining cats and… Continue Reading →

Reading and Viewing – Russian Ban Olympics Complete the following tasks in your Reading book: 1. Before you watch the BtN story, make some predictions about what the story is about. 2. Why have many Russian athletes been banned from competing in the Olympics? 3. Last… Continue Reading →

Research Task Week 5 – Should we become a republic?

Read the following information: Inquiry Investigation Week 5 Answer the below questions in your Reading book: What is a Republic? Do you think Australia should become a republic? Complete the following activity: Create a flow chart on popplet explaining the… Continue Reading →

Research Task Week 4 – Prime Ministers Timeline

Using an app of your choice, you need to create a historical timeline from 1901 – 2016 with each Prime Minister represented. Information you must include: Date Picture 3 facts about each person; this could be how long they served?… Continue Reading →

Language Investigation Week 4

Watch the below video about ‘synonyms’: Write the definition for a synonym in your reading book. Provide 5 examples in a sentence. Using this template: Make 5 “synonym scrolls” Pick a main word and write it in the middle. Continue… Continue Reading →

Reading and Viewing Wk4 – Crossbenchers

Watch the below BtN: Answer the below questions in your reading book using full sentences: Summarise the story in your own words. 1. Who is the Prime Minister of Australia and which party does he represent? 2. How long… Continue Reading →

Reading Groups – Term 3

Here are your new reading groups: BEYONCES Emily Ebony Ashleigh Jaidyn Kenny Thomas USHERS Jack Logan Olivia Tristan Amelia Jorja JUSTIN BEIBERS Mila Alyssa Aaron Lily Kazuma BRITNEY SPEARS Bianka Nicky Saxon Nate William Matilda

Language Investigation Week 3

Watch the below video about VERBS: Write a definition for the 3 different types of verbs: action, helping and linking. Complete the below tasks: Now complete 1 activity from the spelling matrix using this weeks spelling words.  

Research Task Week 2 Term 3

Your task is to find 5 different Government / Parliament events between 1890 – today. You need to write 5 facts about the event on a post it note and stick it in your Reading Book. This could include the… Continue Reading →

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