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READING Wk4T2 – Language Investigation – Homophones

Homophones are words that have the same sound but are spelt differently and have different meanings. Watch: Complete the below task: Homophone Task Create a blog post about all the different homophones you can think of!

READING – WK4T2 – Reading and Viewing –

Watch the following BtN story: Answer the following comprehension questions in your Reading book: Summarise the story. 1: Where is Mt Ruapehu? 2: Why are eruptions at Mt Ruapehu particularly dangerous? 3: What is the name of the mudflow… Continue Reading →

READING – WK4T2 – Research Task

Create your own News Article! Read the VOLCANO Poster from the Herald Sun. Volcano Now you need to research a Volcano from any where in the world. Using comic life, make an article page. This page should include: Heading Pictures… Continue Reading →

READING – WK3T2 – Guided Reading – Floods

Here is this week’s text: Watch: Insert the following Map of Australia into “Explain Everything”. australia map On the map, mark the locations of the floods you have just read about. Also include the following: place date and time… Continue Reading →

READING WK1T2 – Language Investigation – ANZAC Day

Complete the following tasks to gain a greater understanding of the importance of ANZAC Day. The-Gallipoli-Campaign The-Symbols-of-ANZAC Australians-In-Conflict Watch: Something to think about. Summarise the BtN story about War Animals.

READING – Reading and Viewing Wk1T2 – ANZAC DAY

Watch the below BtN clip: Answer the following questions in your Reading Book using full sentences: 1: Summarise the BtN story. 2. Anzac Day only pays tribute to the soldiers who fought at Gallipoli. True or False. 3. What… Continue Reading →

READING – Research Task – Week 1 T2 – Living and Serving in Gallipoli

Putting yourself in the picture: Living and serving at Gallipoli in 1915 These photographs may help you to gain a better understanding of what it might be like living in Gallipoli. Which photographs might help you to answer the following… Continue Reading →

Reading Week 11

Watch the following BtN: Complete the following questions in your Reading books: 1. Where in Australia was affected by storms and floods recently? 2. Which two factors made the recent storm so destructive? 3. What is erosion? 4. What… Continue Reading →

Research Task Week 5 – Floods

Read the Herald Sun article about Floods. Write a summary in your reading book about the article. Create a poster using your iPad about floods. You must include the following: map, timeline of events, 3 photos, 5 facts, information must… Continue Reading →

Language Investigation Week 5 –

Read the text ‘Buy my house’ Complete the below worksheets in your reading book: buy my house worksheet  

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