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Term 1 Week 9 Reading

Guided Reading Week 9

Read the following text and answer the comprehension questions on the last page. PG 1 Colonial Frontiers PG 2-3 Colonial Frontiers PG 4 Colonial Frontiers PG 5-6 Colonial Frontiers      

Reading – Research Task Week 9

Continue to research your Inquiry question. This week is your last chance to finish your presentation.  

Reading and Viewing – Week 9 Mabo Day

Watch the following BtN: 1. What date do we celebrate Mabo day? 2. What is the full name of the man who took on the Australian legal system to fight a land rights injustice? 3. Where was Mabo born?… Continue Reading →

Reading Week 9 – Language Investigation

Complete the following task in your reading book Boil the billy and turn the damper

Reading- Research Task – Week 8

Continue to research your Inquiry question. This week you need to find 3 primary and 3 secondary sources. Primary and Secondary Sources

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