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Term 1 Week 6 Reading

Reading Week 6 – Research Task

What is a primary and secondary resource? Primary and Secondary Sources How do we know a resource is reliable? How do i reference a resource? Book: For Example: Last Name, Initial of First Name, Title of book, Year it was… Continue Reading →

Reading Week 6 – Reading and Viewing – BtN

Watch: Answer the following comprehension questions in you Reading book. 1. When is the anniversary for the Eureka Stockade? 2. Where was the Eureka Stockade? Locate using Google Maps. 3. What is the Eureka Stockade? Explain what happened. 4…. Continue Reading →

Reading Week 6 – Language Investigation

Complete the following activity in you Reading books: Wk 6 Language Investigation Pg 1 Wk 6 Language Investigation Pg 2

Reading Week 6 – Guided Group

Here is this week’s text:  Complete the following word definitions worksheet. Word Definitions    

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