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Term 1 Week 4 Maths

Maths Other Week 4 – Scale Animals

Watch: Discuss the following: 1: What is scale? 2: Why do we need scale? Complete the following activity: scale of animals Now draw an animal or landmark of choice to scale in your book.

Maths Other Week 4 – Scale

Show students several miniature objects, such as a toy car, an action figure, or a piece of dollhouse furniture. Ask students how they would determine the scale of these objects. (Find out how large the real object is, measure the… Continue Reading →

Maths Number – Addition algorithms

Complete the following algorithms in your maths book. Remember to date, rule and title your page. Addition addition

Scale – What is scale?

Watch: (Pause as you go, discussing the video) Complete the below activity as a class: scale of animals (needs to be photocopied)    

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