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Homework Week 8 – Last homework for this term

Homework T1W82016 Narrative Text Lattice Activity 2 Italian homework

Homework Week 7

Homework T1W72016 graphing page graphing page 2 Inquiry Scaffold

Homework – Week 6

Homework T1W62016 Week 6 reading2016

Homework Week 5

Here is this weeks homework: Homework T1W52016 Grid Paper: Grid Paper Indigenous Tribes Map: Indigenous Regions Here is an example of an Australia map

Homework Week 4

Here is this weeks homework: Homework T1W42016 Here is the text for Task 1: Observations of the first fleet Here is the video for Maths:

Homework – Week 3

Here is the week 3 homework: Homework T1W32016 You will need to watch the below video: Here are the Australian heritage posters: ColouringAustralia-History&Heritage

Homework – Week 2

Homework T1W22016 AustralianLandmarksWordSearch

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