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WRITING – Week 9 – Persuasive – Junk Food

Here are some links to help you with your research:$File/Canteen%20guidelines.pdf                

Convict Resources for Writing

Here are some resources to inspire your writing:

WRITING – Week 5 – Writer’s Notebook

Reminder: Bring in an item that is one of your favourite things 🙂

WRITING – Week 4 – Narrative Examples

Let’s read together: Library Lion Read the below narrative: The grassshopper and the owl Now complete the below questions: The grasshopper Activity Here is another narrative with questions: Splodge’s Vegetable garden Splodges Vege Activity   Challenge: Can you put the… Continue Reading →


Here is the Spelling Words for this term: GRADE 5 SPELLING LISTS TERM 1 2017 Here is the Spelling Activities Matrix for this term: Grade 5 Spelling Matrix  

WRITING – Week 3 – Character Development

Character Development This week we will be looking at what makes an interesting character within a story. Talk to the person next to you about your favourite story character. Why are they your favourite? What traits do they have? Watch… Continue Reading →

Writing – Week 3 Term1 – Aussie Lingo

Aussie Lingo

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