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TERM 1 2017 – MATHS



Watch the following clips: Write the different angles in you maths grid book and draw an illustration with a protractor. Now you need to write your name using a full page in your grid book. Measure and label the different… Continue Reading →

MATHS NUMBER – Week 7 AFL Challenge

AFL Maths Challenge: One digit per box!  Check your work carefully. Highlight the interstate teams Using your calculator on your iPad what is the total 2016 membership for all clubs? Using your calculator add up the total of the Victorian… Continue Reading →

MATHS OTHER – Week 4 – Converting Length

Watch:   Now see you if you can complete the following activities:    

Maths – Week 3 – Length What do you know?

Measure the three segments below and record your answers in millimetres. Then re-write your answers in centimetres. 2. Re-write these lengths in centimetres. (a) 61 mm       (b) 4 mm     (c) 88 mm 3. Re-write these lengths in millimetres. (a) 5.4… Continue Reading →

Maths Week 3 – Length – Race to Estimate!!!!

Draw the following table in your Maths book: In pairs, find items in the classroom that measure the lengths in your table. The catch is, you only have 15 minutes to measure as many items as possible!!!!!! As a whole… Continue Reading →

Maths Week 3 – Length – Are you a square or rectangle?

With a partner, measure your height. Record your height in your maths book. Now measure your outstretched arms from finger tip to finger tip. Compare the width and height. If the width is greater than, or less than the height,… Continue Reading →

Maths Week 3 – Length

Length Search Length Search  

Maths Week 3 – Rounding

Complete the following activity in your maths book. Rounding G5 p10

Maths Week 3 – Rounding

Complete the following activity in your maths book. rounding grade 5  

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