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Reading Groups – Term 4 – Week 1

Whole class text – Our Place in Space – Complete the See Think Wonder SESSION 1 Chicken Schnitzels – Tom, Jackson, Leigh-Roy Teacher group: Read with the teacher and answer the questions on the sheet.  Paste into your Inquiry book… Continue Reading →

Reading Wk2T3 – Research Task

Using an app of your choice, you need to create a historical timeline from 1901 – 2016 with each Prime Minister represented in Australia. Information you must include: Date Picture 3 facts about each person; this could be how long… Continue Reading →

Reading WK2T3 – Guided Reading

Read the following pages from ‘Government in Australia- How our Democracy works’ by Melissa Kennedy- SKM_284e17101007240-1lxyasu SKM_284e17101007250-25juifg Task Using the text as a reference, construct a promotional poster using ComicLife or Pages, that promotes the work of Local Councils. When… Continue Reading →

Reading WK2T3 – Language Investigation

Watch the below video about idioms:   What are idioms? An idiom is a phrase whose meaning can not be interpreted literally. The group of words together has a completely different meaning than the individual words. Example: “It’s raining cats… Continue Reading →

Reading Wk2 T3 – Reading and Viewing Answer the following questions in your Reading Book: Who were some of the leaders mentioned by the young students? What qualities make a good leader? ( can you find all of them? this is where the students were talking… Continue Reading →

BtN – Leadership Zimbabwe History Answer the following questions in your Reading book: What was the main point of the BTN Zimbabwe History story? Name the former leader of Zimbabwe. How long was he the president of Zimbabwe? In the 1970s Mugabe was a… Continue Reading →


What is onomatopoeia? Onomatopoeia refers to words that sound exactly or almost exactly like the thing that they represent. Many words that we use for animal or machine noises are onomatopoeia words, such as “moo” for the sound a cow… Continue Reading →

50 Years of BtN

Create your own timeline of the world events covered over the 5 decades BTN has been on the air using Inspiration. Watch and pause this clip  List the year and write a news HEADLINE for each event in Inspiration… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles – Term 2

Axel, Emre, Adam, Ethan and Shannon Lily, Alice, Taya, Sarah, Freyja, Alannah and Alex   Kirpa, Tessa, Tom, Abel and Phoebe Oliver, Aren, Zac, Charlie, Eli and Ben    

READING WK4T2 – Language Investigation – Conjunctions

Conjunctions: Watch: Write the definition of a conjunction in your reading book: Conjunctions join two parts of a sentence and help to show the connection between the two parts of the sentence. and tells you more We went home and… Continue Reading →

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