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Week 3 MATHS – Rounding

Watch:   As Mrs Budget is half way through her shopping she has realised she has left her wallet at home. Fortunately she has $100 emergency money in her bag to get her by. She rounds the price of each… Continue Reading →

MATHS – Shape City

Watch: You will need: A3 grid paper white and coloured A4 paper to make your shape nets Your city must have: A key that explains: Each object – Area and what shape it is and a picture of its net…. Continue Reading →

Popcorn Capacity Challenge

Watch: Record each step of today’s lesson on your ipad! Popcorn problem A3 paper activity- design a container to hold your popcorn. Does it all fit into the container? Is it full to capacity? Are you sure??????Prove it. Write a… Continue Reading →


TOWN PLANNING Comparing areas- You will have used this link in your classrooms before doing this homework task. See your teacher if you are having any issues. Set out a table in Pages. 1. image    2. area    3. perimeter… Continue Reading →

MATHS WK3T4 – Budgeting

Tell what you know about budgeting! If I throw out the words: Expenses, Income, Profit, and Loss what can you tell me? Choose from the following budgeting scenarios. Remember to: Create a draft in you maths book Have a careful… Continue Reading →


Using this example of an invoice, create your own using the Pages invoice template. Name your business. Add an image. Are you offering goods or a service? Refer to the example below to assist with your own invoice. Note- Make… Continue Reading →

MATHS WK2T4 – Budgets

What is a budget? Brainstorm uses and give examples of budgets Watch: Needs vs Wants Brainstorm on the board as a class. Complete the following task: Personal-Budget-Money  

MATHS OTHER – WK2T4 – Bank Accounts

What is a bank? What is a bank account? What do you know about bank accounts? Are there different types? What is involved in everyday banking? What are the benefits of bank accounts? Now lets look at a bank statement:… Continue Reading →

MATHS – 24 hour time

Watch: Play: You can practice playing the following games:    

MATHS – Timetables

Here is an example of a public transport timetable: Northern_79 ArmadaleThornlieLine-1o4vnjx.pdf Where have you seen a 24 hour timetable? Here is today’s activity: Timetable_Activity_1_Worksheet TIMETABLES

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