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MATHS – 24 hour time

Watch: Play: You can practice playing the following games:    

MATHS – Timetables

Here is an example of a public transport timetable: Northern_79 ArmadaleThornlieLine-1o4vnjx.pdf Where have you seen a 24 hour timetable? Here is today’s activity: Timetable_Activity_1_Worksheet TIMETABLES

MATHS – Scale

Scale drawings is either the reduction or enlargement of a two-dimensional drawing. A scale drawing is the representation of an actual object. They are in proportion to the actual object. Have a look at these scale drawings: Look at… Continue Reading →

MATHS – Unit Pricing

Warm up game: What is Unit Pricing?? Can you give an example? Lets have a look at these images…   Can you work out the best value for money for the pictures below? Using the Coles and Woolworths websites…. Continue Reading →


What is G.S.T? Let’s discuss! a) In your own words, describe what tax is. b) What are taxes used for? c) What does GST stand for? d) Name three products that you don’t pay GST on. e) Which products… Continue Reading →

MATHS – Wk2T3 – Symmetry

Watch: Reflection Symmetry The simplest symmetry is Reflection Symmetry (sometimes called Line Symmetry or Mirror Symmetry). It is easy to see, because one half is the reflection of the other half. Here my dog “Flame” has her face made perfectly… Continue Reading →

MATHS – Wk1 – Mapping – UBER Driver for a day

Play the following games:!/media/31239/rainforest-use-a-grid-map Welcome to Uber. You are an Uber driver for a day. Pick up your international visitors from Flinders Street Station and show them the sights of Melbourne. 1. Before you begin select your… Continue Reading →


Salada Maths Working with a partner record as many different fractions you can make out of 2 WHOLE SALADAS. Photograph the different combinations and write the fraction that goes with them. Make sure you save your work to the server… Continue Reading →

MATHS – Probability

What is a Tree Diagram? A tree diagram is simply a way of representing a sequence of events. Tree diagrams are particularly useful in probability since they record all possible outcomes in a clear and uncomplicated manner. The Hair Colour… Continue Reading →

MATHS Wk5T2 – Location and Transformation TRANSFORMATIONS AND ROTATIONS Key Words Clockwise Anti-clockwise Number of degrees Class Online group game! Take some grid paper and using your iPad take a photo series of an object moving in 90* intervals. This should be labeled. Then… Continue Reading →

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