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MATHS 2018

Maths – Dream Holiday

Getting those Winter blues? Feeling a little chilly? Dreaming of a warm tropical holiday? Your task today is to research your dream over seas holiday. You have a budget of $25,000.00 AUD You need to include the following: Flights for… Continue Reading →

Maths Wk3T2- 3D Shape

Task 1: Create a 3D Shape stop motion movie using toothpicks, raspberries and marshmallows to make your shapes. You need to ensure you include the following in your movie Title 3-4 Shapes Label your shapes, all vertices, faces and edges… Continue Reading →

Halls Gap Location Activity

Click on the link below to access the website Daft Logic. Choose FIVE locations that we visited around Hall’s Gap (eg: Venus Baths) and measure the distance we traveled. To do this you need to click on the locations… Continue Reading →

Thursday 15th March 2018

Good morning 5W, I am at school today but not in the classroom. Here is the plan for today: Session 1 and 2: Reading Watch: Answer the following questions in your Reading book using full sentences: 1. When was… Continue Reading →

Do you think it will fit?

Construct the cubic metre. Take a photograph of this cubic metre and insert it into inspiration. In surrounding bubbles find a range of images that would fill the space. Be creative.Would you fit inside the space? Your next task is… Continue Reading →

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