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MATHS 2018

Time zones

Google your own world map showing time zones. Working out the time differences between countries. You are a business person who needs to communicate with your clients in many different countries around the world. For you it may… Continue Reading →

Balance Equations

Pan Balance Yesterday you worked in pairs to create balanced equations using the 4 operations. Today, using the link below on your iPad, you need to balance the pan by creating equations on both sides.—-Numbers/

Show Me The Money!

Investigating budgets Beginning with the BtN story above, use the links below to research what types of things people include in their home budgets. Once you have come up with a list you need to consider your own home… Continue Reading →

Receipt planner for lasoo

Receipt Planner copy-webtzk  

Maths – Dream Holiday

Getting those Winter blues? Feeling a little chilly? Dreaming of a warm tropical holiday? Your task today is to research your dream over seas holiday. You have a budget of $25,000.00 AUD You need to include the following: Flights for… Continue Reading →

Maths Wk3T2- 3D Shape

Task 1: Create a 3D Shape stop motion movie using toothpicks, raspberries and marshmallows to make your shapes. You need to ensure you include the following in your movie Title 3-4 Shapes Label your shapes, all vertices, faces and edges… Continue Reading →

Halls Gap Location Activity

Click on the link below to access the website Daft Logic. Choose FIVE locations that we visited around Hall’s Gap (eg: Venus Baths) and measure the distance we traveled. To do this you need to click on the locations… Continue Reading →

Thursday 15th March 2018

Good morning 5W, I am at school today but not in the classroom. Here is the plan for today: Session 1 and 2: Reading Watch: Answer the following questions in your Reading book using full sentences: 1. When was… Continue Reading →

Do you think it will fit?

Construct the cubic metre. Take a photograph of this cubic metre and insert it into inspiration. In surrounding bubbles find a range of images that would fill the space. Be creative.Would you fit inside the space? Your next task is… Continue Reading →

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