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Literature Circles Groups Term 4

The Bubble Boy Nessa, Nick, Sophia, Andrew, Jake and Ben Maybe Tristan, Maroun, Josh, Leah, Araya and Emily Out of my mind Perri, Lucy, Vicki and Mackenzie On the run Nadia, Trent, Chelsea, Devan, Liam and Dylan

Literature Circles Roles

Lit Circles Roles Posters

Passage Picker and Plot Twister Literature Circles

Write a summary for the text “Chester’s Way.” Complete the Passage Picker and Plot Twister Role:


The Elephant Thief Perri, Chelsea, Nessa, Lucy and Sophia Skyfire Vicki, Nick, Josh, Leah and Tristan The Last Thirteen Maroun, Jake, Andrew, Nadia, Emily, Araya and Ben The lion who stole my arm Dylan, Devan, Trent, Liam and Mackenzie

Literature Circles Groups Term 4

Urban Outlaws: Logan, Saxon,William, Nicky, Kazuma and Tristan The Other Christy: Mila, Emily, Alyssa and Ebony   The Incredible Powers: Jack, Thomas, Jaidyn and Kenny   The Last Thirteen: Amelia, Jorja, Nate, Tilly, Ashleigh and Aaron   Mahtabs Story: Lily,… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles Term 3

Here are the groups for this term: PAPER PLANES: Matilda Amelia Ebony Olivia Lily Nate           WICKED WARRIORS Jaidyn Logan Kazuma Saxon Nicky Kenny           THE ELEPHANT ROAD Aaron Tristan Jorja Ashleigh… Continue Reading →

Lit Circles Roles


Literature Circles Groups Week 6

Here are the literature circles groups for this term: The Kazillion Wish: Jaidyn Nicky Lily Alyssa Nate Aaron     Mascot Madness: Tristan Bianka Jorja William Jack Thomas   The folk of the faraway tree: Kazuma Amelia Logan Mila Emily… Continue Reading →

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