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Inquiry – Tornadoes

Watch: Make: Make a Tornado in a Jar! The swirling winds of a tornado are called a vortex. In this experiment you will make a vortex that looks like a real tornado! While real tornadoes happen in air, the vortex… Continue Reading →

Inquiry – What do we wonder?

INQUIRY QUESTIONS: Shannon – How, When and Why did the Melbourne Cup Start? Aren – How/ When and Why was Ned Kelly a famous bush ranger? Sarah – What is the history of womens voting rights? Alex – What it… Continue Reading →

Inquiry Timeline

Create a timeline about our Inquiry. You must include at least 10 different events.  

INQUIRY – WK5T1 – Money, Money, Money!!!

What does our Inquiry Question – ‘How did Australia become a nation?’ have to do with our money? Before you begin you will need to investigate whether our money has changed over time. Have our notes always been the same… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Convict Writing

Do you have a convict in your family history?   Here are some resources to inspire your writing:

INQUIRY – Sydney Cove

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