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Space Matrix

Think outside the square!  Click on the link and work your way through the following creative thinking tasks Space matrix-2l6tok7

It’s Election Time!

5/6 W Pitch – To make Apollo Parkways Primary School Environmentally Sustainable Policy number 1 To implement 3 waste stations per classroom: Green for food scraps Yellow for recycling Red for landfill Waste station 1 – Compost system Supplies/materials: 1… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Marshmallow Challenge

Marshmallow Challenge   Self reflection  (no discussion ) In your reflection book, write a reflection about how well you thought your group worked. Answer the below questions. Group reflection discussion Record you reflection discussion as a group. Things to consider:… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Yertle The Turtle

  Answer the following questions about Yertle the Turtle. We have discussed many of these issues during our class discussion. Why do you think Yertle the Turtle thought he was superior to the other turtles? Why did the other turtles… Continue Reading →

Inquiry – Tornadoes

Watch: Make: Make a Tornado in a Jar! The swirling winds of a tornado are called a vortex. In this experiment you will make a vortex that looks like a real tornado! While real tornadoes happen in air, the vortex… Continue Reading →

Inquiry – What do we wonder?

INQUIRY QUESTIONS: Shannon – How, When and Why did the Melbourne Cup Start? Aren – How/ When and Why was Ned Kelly a famous bush ranger? Sarah – What is the history of womens voting rights? Alex – What it… Continue Reading →

Inquiry Timeline

Create a timeline about our Inquiry. You must include at least 10 different events.  

INQUIRY – WK5T1 – Money, Money, Money!!!

What does our Inquiry Question – ‘How did Australia become a nation?’ have to do with our money? Before you begin you will need to investigate whether our money has changed over time. Have our notes always been the same… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Convict Writing

Do you have a convict in your family history?   Here are some resources to inspire your writing:

INQUIRY – Sydney Cove

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