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Due Friday 30 November, 2018 Make yourself a cardboard template of a space shuttle (you will need a number of them to attach to a timeline). Using string or ribbon (something we can hang in our classroom) attach your space… Continue Reading →

Homework – due 23rd November, 2018

Student Leadership Presentation For this week’s homework you are going to prepare a presentation about yourself and your leadership skills. Your presentation can be one of the following: A speech A Keynote Presentation An iMovie If you have another idea… Continue Reading →

Homework – Term 4, Week 4

Contributors to Space NOTE – Due to the long weekend next week we are giving you two weeks for this homework task.  More time does not mean you are to leave it until the last minute though. Choose a person… Continue Reading →

Homework – Term 4, Week 3 International Space Station   The International Space Station (ISS) has hit the news this week. Using the links above you will research what life would be like on the station. 1.Recreate a labelled drawing of the space station using… Continue Reading →

Homework Term 4 Week 1

This term, you will be presented with a mini SPACE INVESTIGATION each week. These investigations will focus more on the weird and wonderful. LET’S BEGIN. Okay, so I am hoping you realise this is another example of PHOTOSHOP, but you… Continue Reading →

Homework task for week 7

BREAKING NEWS- Over the next week Australian Politics will be going through some major changes. As this is our Inquiry unit for the term, it is quite timely that this chaos is happening in Canberra. You will not be able… Continue Reading →

Homework week 6

Homework week 6.- Financial Maths Published on August 16, 2018 | Leave a response If only I had learnt about budgets when I was in primary school….. I would be able to organise my finances, save for a rainy day,… Continue Reading →


  1                                                                                       2 TASK 1 – Look at the two images above. What does image one tell you about leadership? What does image two tell you about leadership? Throughout the course of the term we will be investigating leaders in… Continue Reading →


PIXELMATOR PROFESSIONALS Now that you’re all Pixelmator experts…it’s time to show off your iPad skills and artistic flair! This week you need to create 3 different logos using the Pixelmator App. The logos must be based around our Inquiry topic… Continue Reading →


HOMEWORK Week 10- MASTER CHEF When will we ever need to use fractions? Well if you are following a recipe and need to make adjustments to feed all of your guests, then your fraction knowledge will come in very handy…. Continue Reading →

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