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Writing – Leader Biography

WRITING – WK2 T4 – Leaders – Biographies Watch: Some helpful links: What is a biography? What features are included in a biography? Begin researching a famous world leader of your choice. Things to consider researching: Name… Continue Reading →


What is onomatopoeia? Onomatopoeia refers to words that sound exactly or almost exactly like the thing that they represent. Many words that we use for animal or machine noises are onomatopoeia words, such as “moo” for the sound a cow… Continue Reading →

SLC Folder

You need the following in your Google Drive for Thursday SLC: Student report reflection x1 Reading x2 Writing Pieces x3 Maths – 1 must be SNMY x2 Inquiry – for each unit – History and Natural Disasters x2 Free choice… Continue Reading →

Book Review

Things to include in your book review: Title Author Illustrator Summary – Plot – What happened? Is this story fictional / non fictional? What was the problem/ solution? Characters – Who are they? Why are they important? How did they… Continue Reading →


PIXELMATOR PROFESSIONALS Now that you’re all Pixelmator experts…it’s time to show off your iPad skills and artistic flair! This week you need to create 3 different logos using the Pixelmator App. The logos must be based around our Inquiry topic… Continue Reading →

Absent Wednesday 20th June

Here is the plan today: Session 1 and 2 – Literature Circles – The Recruit and Bubble Boy to present final quarter roles and summaries! Everyone must share in your group. Those that have finished you need to complete the… Continue Reading →

Student Reflection Report

Things to consider: General Comment: Organisational skills neat and tidy works well with others iPad usage homework and literature circles sport Individual and group work cooperation contribution team work listening persist uses 5Cs initiative uses time wisely (time management) Work… Continue Reading →


HOMEWORK Week 10- MASTER CHEF When will we ever need to use fractions? Well if you are following a recipe and need to make adjustments to feed all of your guests, then your fraction knowledge will come in very handy…. Continue Reading →

Film Review

Here is what you need: Title Director Actors Genre Your rating out of 5 stars Summary of Movie Plot – What happened? Were there plot twists? Characters – Who were the characters? What were their character traits? Who was your… Continue Reading →

50 Years of BtN

Create your own timeline of the world events covered over the 5 decades BTN has been on the air using Inspiration. Watch and pause this clip  List the year and write a news HEADLINE for each event in Inspiration… Continue Reading →

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