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Here is this week’s homework! Make sure it is your best work! Homework-W5T1

Research Task – Wk4 – Convicts

Life on board the ships What was life on board the ships like? Research what daily life was like for the convicts on board the First Fleet. Create an artwork or write a letter to your family home in England… Continue Reading →

Language Investigation – Wk4 – Pronouns

Pronouns Watch the below clip:  Write the following definition in your Reading book: A pronoun is a word that effectively takes the place of a noun or a noun clause. They are used everyday in all different types of situations…. Continue Reading →


READING GROUPS TERM 1 2018 Tom Leigh-Roy Aren Abel Sarah Alannah Ethan Phoebe Alex Axel Taya Shannon Adam Kirpa Tessa Emre Oliver Eli Freyja Alice Ben Lily Charlie Zac      

Reading and Viewing – Wk4 – First Fleet

Watch: Answer the following questions in your Reading book. You must answer using a full sentence. 1. When is Australia Day? 2. Complete the following sentence: The day marks the anniversary of… 3. Describe life in Britain in the… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Convict Writing

Do you have a convict in your family history?   Here are some resources to inspire your writing:

HOMEWORK – W4 T1 2018

Quality Homework Quality homework consists of your best effort, and includes ruled margins, clear headings and complete answers. It does not necessarily require extra adornment such as shaded pages, stickers and fancy artwork, although you are welcome to do so,… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Sydney Cove

Week 3 MATHS – Rounding

Watch:   As Mrs Budget is half way through her shopping she has realised she has left her wallet at home. Fortunately she has $100 emergency money in her bag to get her by. She rounds the price of each… Continue Reading →

Reading and Viewing – Eureka Stockade

Watch the following BtN clip: Eureka Stockade   Answer the following comprehension questions in you Reading book. Make sure you rule your page, heading, date and write the questions out. 1. When is the anniversary for the Eureka Stockade?… Continue Reading →

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