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Research Task – WANTED – Ned Kelly

WANTED Create a wanted poster for Ned Kelly or another Australian Bushranger using Comic life. Must include What crime they committed Dates of crime Picture of suspect Reward Who should be contacted about information Printed A4 – Colour in Ms… Continue Reading →

Language Investigation – WK5T1 – Prefixes and Suffixes

Watch: Complete the following task:


READING GROUPS TERM 1 2018 Tom Leigh-Roy Aren Abel Sarah Alannah Ethan Phoebe Alex Axel Taya Shannon Adam Kirpa Tessa Emre Oliver Eli Freyja Alice Ben Lily Charlie Zac      

Reading and Viewing – Eureka Stockade

Watch the following BtN clip: Eureka Stockade   Answer the following comprehension questions in you Reading book. Make sure you rule your page, heading, date and write the questions out. 1. When is the anniversary for the Eureka Stockade?… Continue Reading →

Behind the News – Episode 1 for 2018

Watch the following link:

WRITING – Christmas Narrative

Things to include in your good copy for your narrative: Front Cover Back Cover Blurb Title Page Dedication page All pages to be numbered Illustrations to fill the page

WRITING – WK6T4 – Leader Biography

Now you need to publish your work in an app of your choice. Must include the following: Size –  A3 A heading using an interesting font Full sentences and paragraphs Sub headings Minimum of 5 photos – This can be… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles Roles Posters

Lit Circles Roles Posters


Watch: Answer the following questions: Why have people been protesting in Catalonia recently? Which country is Catalonia part of? About how many people live in Catalonia? What is the capital? Who has ultimate control over how Catalonia runs? When… Continue Reading →

Writing – FANTALES

Read: Now write your own fantale ‘Who am I’ biography of a famous person of your choice.    

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