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Writing – Information Reports

What is an information report? Formal written information reports usually follow a very specific structure. The first part of an information report is the title, or heading, of the report. This will tell the reader what topic is covered in… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles – Connector and Word Wizard

Literature Circles – Plot Twister

Reading Research Task Wk3T2 – Breaking News

Create your own News Article! Read the DROUGHT Poster from the Herald Sun. Drought Now you need to research a Drought from any where in the world. Using comic life, make an article page. This page should include: Heading… Continue Reading →

Reading and Viewing WK3T2 – Drought

Watch the below clip: Answer the following questions using full sentences in your reading book: Summarise the abive story. What were the main points of the discussion? 2. What do the kids like about living on a property? 3…. Continue Reading →

Reading Wk3T2 – Language Investigation – Homographs

Language Investigation – Homographs Watch:  Homographs are two or more words spelled the same but not necessarily pronounced the same and having different meaning. Can you think of an example? Create a silly riddle or song like the one above… Continue Reading →

Letter Writing

Write a letter to Ant Mair and his staff thanking them for a wonderful camp. Include 4 activities or things you loved about camp and why. A thank you for having us Any other nice comments Camp Address: Camp Norval… Continue Reading →

READING – WK8 Language Investigation – Adjectives

Watch the below clips: Write the definition of an adjective in your reading book: Adjectives are describing words. Large, grey, and friendly are all examples of adjectives. In the examples below, these adjectives are used to describe an elephant.  … Continue Reading →

Guided Reading – Wk5T1 – Ned Kelly Create a biography about Ned Kelly as a group. Use template:  

Research Task – WANTED – Ned Kelly

WANTED Create a wanted poster for Ned Kelly or another Australian Bushranger using Comic life. Must include What crime they committed Dates of crime Picture of suspect Reward Who should be contacted about information Printed A4 – Colour in Ms… Continue Reading →

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