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Film Review

Here is what you need: Title Director Actors Genre Your rating out of 5 stars Summary of Movie Plot – What happened? Were there plot twists? Characters – Who were the characters? What were their character traits? Who was your… Continue Reading →

50 Years of BtN

Create your own timeline of the world events covered over the 5 decades BTN has been on the air using Inspiration. Watch and pause this clip  List the year and write a news HEADLINE for each event in Inspiration… Continue Reading →

Lit Circles Role

Lit Circles Roles

Literature Circles – Connector and Word Wizard

Literature Circles – Discussion Director

Literature Circles – Plot Twister

Character Captain and Illustrator Mapper

Here are the above roles:

Literature Circles – Term 2

Axel, Emre, Adam, Ethan and Shannon Lily, Alice, Taya, Sarah, Freyja, Alannah and Alex   Kirpa, Tessa, Tom, Abel and Phoebe Oliver, Aren, Zac, Charlie, Eli and Ben    

READING WK4T2 – Language Investigation – Conjunctions

Conjunctions: Watch: Write the definition of a conjunction in your reading book: Conjunctions join two parts of a sentence and help to show the connection between the two parts of the sentence. and tells you more We went home and… Continue Reading →

READING WK4T2 – Research Task

Research a famous volcano or volcanic eruption and create an informative news report using iMovie on your iPad. You must include: A map Dates and a timeline 3 Photos 5 facts

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