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BOUNCE BACK – WK4T2 – Change your words

Watch: Change your words, Change your mind set! Sometimes we are so FIXED into the way we think that for example: I’m just not that good at this – I give up – I’ll never be as smart – This… Continue Reading →

BOUNCE BACK – Wk3T2 – How to make friends

Watch: Create a blog post about “How to make friends.” Things to include: Title Pictures At least 5 different ways to make friends

BOUNCE BACK – How can YOU change the world

How can YOU change the world? With a partner create a video about how you could change the world. Post your video on your blog.

BOUNCE BACK – Week 3 – Gratitude

What does the word ‘Gratitude’ mean? Watch: What are you grateful for? Now we are going to create an ongoing document that will record each day, like a diary, 3 things you are grateful for.  

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