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November 2018

Angles – Design a mini golf hole …

mini golf hole PDF copy 2-1z0qhz2


Due Friday 30 November, 2018 Make yourself a cardboard template of a space shuttle (you will need a number of them to attach to a timeline). Using string or ribbon (something we can hang in our classroom) attach your space… Continue Reading →

Division Revision


Multiplication Revision


How Mean are you?

That is ‘mean’ as in mean meaning (average)! For this task you will need to click on the link below and choose your favourite AFL team then complete the tasks listed below. 1. Using your team’s players age you… Continue Reading →

Excursion – Victorian Space Science Education Center

Woohoo!  Our excursion is finally here! Monday 19th November Please be at school early.  Meet in the classroom at 8:30am to have your name marked off the role. Be in school uniform, hat included. Bring a small backpack with your… Continue Reading →

Homework – due 23rd November, 2018

Student Leadership Presentation For this week’s homework you are going to prepare a presentation about yourself and your leadership skills. Your presentation can be one of the following: A speech A Keynote Presentation An iMovie If you have another idea… Continue Reading →

Area & Perimeter

72 Ways to Practice Spelling!

72 ways to practice spelling

Remembrance Day – 11/11/18!n1%5d%3a125&user_id=dba9de463b51afed19f86656f34c9bed74199290620984e04f72ac0ccf29ac96&WT.tsrc=email&WT.mc_id=Email%7c%5bkids_sfmc_8_11_18_btn_df_!n1%5d%7c125Download+Resource%26nbsp%3b_BTN

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