Whole class text – Our Place in Space – Complete the See Think Wonder


Chicken Schnitzels – Tom, Jackson, Leigh-Roy

Teacher group: Read with the teacher and answer the questions on the sheet.  Paste into your Inquiry book .

Spag Bols – Charlie, Axel, Ben, Zac, Lily, Freyja

Instructional Text: Earth, Moon, Orbits.  Read the instructions and create the model for a classroom display.

Cookies & Cream – Tess, Kirpa, Eli, Adam, Oliver, Abel, Emre

Task card: The Planets – Read the text and answer the questions in full sentences on your IPad.  Attach a photo of the card.

Cheesecakes – Phoebe, Alannah, Taya, Sarah, Alex, Shannon, Aren, Ethan

Behind the News: Choose a space story or stories to watch and type up your findings.  That is, what did you learn? What did you find interesting?


Chicken Schnitzels – Behind the News

Spag Bols – Teacher group

Cookies & Cream – Instructional text

Cheesecakes – Task card


Chicken Schnitzels – Task card

Spag Bols – Behind the News

Cookies & Cream – Teacher group

Cheesecakes – Instructional text


Chicken Schnitzels – Instructional text

Spag Bols – Task card

Cookies & Cream – Behind the News

Cheesecakes – Teacher group