Homework week 6.- Financial Maths

If only I had learnt about budgets when I was in primary school….. I would be able to organise my finances, save for a rainy day, pay my bills on time, drive a Rolls Royce….

Well it’s not too late for you guys- let’s think ‘Financial Maths’

FOCUS- we are looking at receipts this week. We have shared the ‘OFFICEWORKS’ receipt and discussed GST, more expensive, least expensive, change, totals….

For your homework you are to paste your own RECEIPT onto the A3 paper provided and CAREFULLY hand write out a number of maths based questions to share with the class.  Your questions can include %, totals, change, discounts.

YOU WILL NEED A MINIMUM OF 10 QUESTIONS (show your working out).

For those of you who are ‘TOO BUSY’ to get your homework done, a special lunchtime homework club will be organised during lunch or recess to allow you to get it done.

READING- individual home reading (you should have a library book on the go)

SPELLING – Spellodrome – digraph- au words  (e.g. author, sauna, astronaut…….) These words and perhaps additional ‘au’ words will be part of your dictation sentences on Friday – so learn them carefully. Write out the list, have a family member test you, complete the Spellodrome tasks.


If GST is included in the price of an item- you will need to divide the price by 11 to see how much GST has been included.

Some items are GST free- you could research the ATO website to work out what is GST free.

Complete ‘money’ and ‘decimal’ tasks on your Mathletics.


(Don’t get caught up buying subscriptions for any homework links- if it’s not free we are not expecting you to purchase it!)