Reading Activity: Book Review:

This week we will focus on your home reading. To do this you need to select the last book you completed reading and complete the following activities to create your book review.

To begin with we’d like you to create a new Pages document for your review. Remember to rename the document.

  1. Find an image of the front cover of your book (remember to reference where you got the image from).
  2. Next you need to write a summary of the story (don’t give away the ending!). Your summary should be no less than three paragraphs long and should include; where the story is set, who are some of the main characters, what is the complication in the story and any other important information about the book.
  3. You need to give your book a rating out of five. You also need to explain why you thought the book deserved this rating.
  4. Author Focus – Provide a list of other books the author of your story has written. For each book, you need to give an interesting fact about each. For example – has it been made into a movie? Have you read the book? Is it part of a series?

Maths – Mathletics:

Continue to use Mathletics to practice your Maths skills. These week you select the area of Maths you would like to improve. It could be times tables, some number of measurement facts or something else.