Comparative Suffixes

When comparing two things -er is used.  When comparing more than two things, use -est.  Describing words that end in ‘y’ change the ‘y’ to ‘i’ before adding the suffix.

List A

funny               funnier            funniest

busy                 busier              busiest

tidy                  tidier               tidiest

lazy                  lazier               laziest

happy              happier            happiest

List B

happy              happier            happiest

easy                 easier              easiest

pretty              prettier            prettiest

crazy                crazier             craziest

dirty                 dirtier              dirtiest

List C

early                earlier             earliest

empty              emptier           emptiest

tricky               trickier             trickiest

fancy               fancier             fanciest

crummy           crummier        crummiest

murky              murkier           murkiest

shiny              shinier             shiniest

Class Task – Monday 6th August

  1. Copy your word list neatly into you book.
  2. Go to and create your own word search using the words from you list of choice.
  3. Print it, complete it in coloured pencils and glue it into your book.