TERM 3 – Week 3-4:

LEADERSHIP INQUIRY – Local Government:

Click on the link for your local government.

Nillumbik Council


Banyule City Council


City of Whittlesea


Once you are on your local council’s website you need to research some information to answer the following questions. (Your questions should be answered either question AND answer or question IN the answer).

  1. What council is your local government?
  2. What other suburbs are part of this council?
  3. Who is the current mayor of your council?
  4. What are some responsibilities of your local government?
  5. Choose one of these responsibilities and explain (in a paragraph) what your local government does for its residents.
  6. Look on the news page and list three things that are currently happening in your local government.
  7. If you were a member of your local council what would you like to do or to change in your local area?

MATHS – Mass, Volume & Capacity

Using the listed items below. Work out a strategy for measuring their mass (other than using scales!)

Milk, ice cream, a sauce bottle (your choice of the sauce)

 When you have worked out a strategy explain and then use some scales to check your accuracy. Then answer the following questions below.

1. Did your strategy work?

2. How accurate was it?

3. Is there a link between mass, volume & capacity?

4. What was the mass of each of your three items?


Complete the Mathletics task set by your teacher.