Here is the plan today:

Session 1 and 2 – Literature Circles – The Recruit and Bubble Boy to present final quarter roles and summaries! Everyone must share in your group. Those that have finished you need to complete the following:


Answer the following BtN comprehension questions in your Reading Book:

1. Summarise the BTN Volcanoes Explained story, using your own words.
2. Where in the world have we recently seen volcanic eruptions? Locate using Google Maps take a screenshot and print this out.
3. What does Volcan de Fuego mean?
4. Complete this sentence. The Volcan de Fuego sent _____ and molten _______ 10 kms into the air.
5. What impact have the volcanic eruptions had on people and the environment?
6. What is magma?
7. There aren’t any active volcanoes in Australia. True or false?
8. What is the Ring of Fire?
9. Describe the difference between a Hawaiian eruption and a pyroclastic flow.
10. Illustrate an aspect of the BTN story.
Extension Task:  Find a world map and print this out. Locate and highlight the major active and extinct volcanoes (including the

volcanoes mentioned in the BTN.
• Circle nearby cities and towns to each of the volcanoes you mark.
• Highlight the Ring of Fire on your map.
• What do you notice about the location of the volcanoes in relation to the Ring of Fire?
Further investigation
Draw a cross section of a volcano showing the following features: crust, mantle, crater, magma chamber, magma,
ash, cloud, vent. Explain some of the features of each layer.
Session 3: Sport Training – see book on desk Softball B Girls. Girls need to practice sneaking bases and hitting the ball.

Session 4: Assembly

Session 5: Visit the SDS kids in their classroom. This should go for only an hour.

Session 6: Continue student report reflection in Keynote on iPads.


Have a beautiful day.

From Ms Ward