Who is there to offer assistance to those experiencing the devastating effects of natural disasters?


Visit the homepage for the Victorian SES.

  1. There are links to 4 natural events  on this homepage.  List the 4 events.

The homework this week is very timely due to the weather events happening in Australia.

You are going to be investigating the services available to people in need of assistance and right now one of the major services is the SES.




Use the flow chart above to answer these questions.

2. What types of incidents does the SES attend?

3. How do you contact the SES?

4. What can you do to support the SES?



Make a list of the operational and non-operational roles of a volunteer .



5.What does each symbol mean?

There are many other organisations around the world who assist others in need due to Natural Disasters.

You need to choose one organisation and prepare a brief presentation to the grade explaining their role and give examples of world events they have been involved in.

You may prepare a speech/ Keynote/ mini movie/ poster. However you choose to share your information it must be your own! Do not copy slabs of information from the internet.

Be prepared to answer questions about your organisation.

Shelter box (is an example- not one for you to choose because we have already looked at it in the grade.)

Maths- continue on with your own Mathletics levels.  See your teacher if you are experiencing difficulties opening some tasks.