The Grampians- Tour Design

Now that we have returned from our wonderful week at the Grampians, it is time to knuckle back down to some classroom tasks.

Here is your INDIVIDUAL design brief for the week.

Here are a list of tasks for you to work through, however the way you present your Grampians Tour is up to you.

  1. Make up a name and a logo for your tour company.
  2. Design at least three different tours for your clientele. These could range from cooking tours to Xtreme tours.  For each tour you need to give a brief description about what is involved. Who it would be suitable for (age groups), costings, maps of the area showing routes, photographs (use the 5 shared folder for OUR CAMP PHOTOS.
  3. When adding maps to your tour advertising you may choose to insert a screen captured map into Explain Everything and draw grid references over the top. Think about using a key.