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 Write the following definition in your Reading book:

A pronoun is a word that effectively takes the place of a noun or a noun clause. They are used everyday in all different types of situations.

Here is some more information about pronouns.

You do not need to copy the below in your books.

Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns stand in the place of a name or a thing. They frequently act as the subject of a sentence.

  • He likes to eat ice cream.
  • I went to the park yesterday.
  • She is my best friend.

Object Pronouns

Object pronouns are used when the noun or noun phrase is the object of the sentence or the clause.

  • Elizabeth likes me.
  • Susanna smacked herself.
  • Donnie sent her a birthday gift.

Possessive Pronouns

As the name implies, possessive pronouns are used to indicate possession.

  • She likes to go to her library.
  • I bought the coffee with my money.
  • They went to Florida in their car.

Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns generally refer to people or items that are set apart from others.

  • I am going to buy these.
  • Her favorites are those.
  • My friend likes these.

Indefinite Pronouns

Indefinite pronouns refer to a more general group of people or things.

  • Anyone could figure that out.
  • Everyone went to the park that day.
  • Anyone is invited to the party.

Task 1:

Record all the pronouns they can find in the first 12 sentences of the book you are reading. Challenge: Write which noun each pronoun has replaced.

Task 2: 

Complete the following worksheets using your iPad:

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