Answer the following questions in your Reading book. You must answer using a full sentence.
1. When is Australia Day?
2. Complete the following sentence: The day marks the anniversary of…
3. Describe life in Britain in the 1700s.
4. Why were prisoners transported to the colonies?
5. What sorts of crimes were committed by people who were transported?
6. How many ships transported convicts in the First Fleet?
7. What do you think life would have been like on board the ships in the First Fleet?
8. New _______________ was the name give to mainland Australia.
9. Who was the commander chosen to lead the colony?
10. Name three facts you learnt watching the BtN First Fleet story.
Extension Task:
Convict love tokens
Love tokens were made by convicts while they were waiting to be transported. They were made of copper coins and given to people they were leaving behind.
Visit the National Museum Australia website to find out more about these tokens
  • What was the purpose of the love tokens?
  • What sort of information was included on the love tokens?
  • How were they made?

Design your own convict love token that has a message to a loved one. You can base your design on an original convict love token.