We have completed WONDER and it was a novel told through many perspectives.

Write a paragraph about Christmas Day from the different perspectives of your family members.

Each paragraph will be written with the first person perspective using ‘I’.

For example…

  • I turned slowly to look at the number on the alarm clock beside the bed. 4:30.
  • “groooooaaaaaan.”
  • “Kids get back to bed, it is too early for even Santa to have arrived.”
  • I tried to go back to sleep but now that I was awake I started to think of the millions of things I had to do today. Cook the perfect turkey, finish setting the table, pick up my parents and probably head out for a quick bike ride on the sparkly new bikes, if Santa delivers the much wished for bikes. (From Mum’s perspective)

Of course you could also insert Dad here as this is an equal opportunity story so all roles will be shared!

We have even read stories where the first person has in fact been an animal, so don’t forget to include your family pet for a fun story.

Write a minimum of three paragraphs (Grandparents can be included or neighbours.)

Other tasks to complete-

  • Mathletics Tasks
  • Leadership speech preparation
  • Finish off those library books so that they can be returned asap.