Just to remind you of the preferential voting system you can watch these clips again if you wish.




Your task this week is to put together your own voting slip to determine

your peers’ preferences on a particular item.

You could do footy teams, favourite movies/ songs/ footwear/ hobbies/

animals/ sporting legends……..be original as we don’t want 20 of the same survey.

You need a minimum of 5 different candidates!

Make 4 different surveys for class 5W!

Use this link to create your own ballot form- remembering to change the number of preferences if you like.


Next Friday you will then survey your grade and tally your results.

Using the preferential voting system you may be surprised by the outcomes.

In addition to this activity you have Mathletics tasks to complete, some of you need to get a move on!

If you wish to apply for a leadership role, you will need to practise your speech as you will be presenting it in front of the panel.

See Mr Smith for further information, however it was discussed in detail on Friday afternoon.