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November 2017

MATHS – Shape City

Watch: You will need: A3 grid paper white and coloured A4 paper to make your shape nets Your city must have: A key that explains: Each object – Area and what shape it is and a picture of its net…. Continue Reading →

WRITING – Christmas Narrative

Things to include in your good copy for your narrative: Front Cover Back Cover Blurb Title Page Dedication page All pages to be numbered Illustrations to fill the page

HOMEWORK – Wk7 Preferential Voting

Just to remind you of the preferential voting system you can watch these clips again if you wish. Your task this week is to put together your own voting slip to determine your peers’ preferences on a… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Preferential Voting


HOMEWORK WK 6 – Leadership Speech

Student Leadership Presentation: For this week’s homework and as part of our leadership investigation you are going to prepare a presentation about yourself and your leadership skills. Your presentation can be one of the following: A speech A Keynote Presentation… Continue Reading →

Thursday 16th November, 2017

Here is the plan for today: Session 1 and 2: Reading: In order of days, continue presenting Week 6 role/summary. Continue working on Week 7 role/summary ready to present next week. If you have finished you can complete the below… Continue Reading →


You must finish your BILL Now create your advertising campaign. You must make an ad. Your ad can include text with your party beliefs, music, a story etc… make people want to vote for you!!! Your ad needs to only… Continue Reading →

WRITING – WK6T4 – Leader Biography

Now you need to publish your work in an app of your choice. Must include the following: Size –  A3 A heading using an interesting font Full sentences and paragraphs Sub headings Minimum of 5 photos – This can be… Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day

Watch: Discuss: Why do we observe a minute silence on the 11th of November each year? What are the historical origins of the day? Why is this day special to Australians? What does this day mean to you? Create… Continue Reading →

Literature Circles Roles Posters

Lit Circles Roles Posters

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