This is an excellent site showing the amount of tax you pay according to your income.

For the purpose of this homework activity, you will have an income of $100,000 per annum and you will have to pay tax on that income.

This sliding scale shows you will pay $24,947 to the government out of your $100,000.

Work out what that leaves you with.

Your task this week is to graph how your taxation dollars are spent by the government according to your $100,000 income.

(Hint- round the amounts to the nearest 100. Therefore  9,543 would = 9,500).

You each have graph paper or you may choose to use Numbers and select one of the many different types of graphs.


Without showing your parents this site, play a little game with them.

Cut out the page of icons showing how the government spends their tax dollars.

Have a family member order them according to how they want their money spent.

Compare how they ordered the icons to the actual amounts the government spent .

Paste their order in your homework book.

(see your teacher for your graph paper and page of icons)