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October 16, 2017

MATHS OTHER – WK2T4 – Bank Accounts

What is a bank? What is a bank account? What do you know about bank accounts? Are there different types? What is involved in everyday banking? What are the benefits of bank accounts? Now lets look at a bank statement:… Continue Reading →


Term 4 Homework: Week 1 1.Leadership. 1                                                                                       2 Look at the two images above. What does image one tell you about leadership? What does image two tell you about leadership?   Throughout the course of the term we will be… Continue Reading →

INQUIRY – Levels of Government

We are going to watch the following BtN together. It looks at the different levels of government in Australia. Check out the fact sheet below – what roles does each level of government play? Factsheet_1.1_ThreeLevelsOfGovt Design a graphic… Continue Reading →


Trent, Andrew, Emily, Chelsea, Perri and Ben Tristan, Leah, Sophia, Vicki, Jake and Liam Lucy, Araya, Maroun, Dylan and Nick Devan, Nadia, Joshua, Mackenzie and Nessa

READING WK2T4 – Guided Reading Think of a community service that you either use or would like to be part of. Create a promotional movie or poster promoting this service.

READING WK2T4 – Reading and Viewing

Watch the below BtN: Write a definition for democracy in your reading book and then complete the following activity: Extension: Create a profile page about our electorate representative.

READING WK2T4 – Language Investigation

Quotes, Quotes, Quotes!! How do we use quotes properly?? Insert these images into an appropriate iPad app and insert your own quotes, that include the use of quotation marks with correct punctuation.  

READING WK2T4 – Research Task

Local Heroes Fighting Back! This week you need to read all of the information on the following website about local heroes giving back to the community: For each person (there are 4 mentioned) you need to write a summary… Continue Reading →

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