Continue to complete your allocated Matletics and Spellodrome tasks.

Watch the below BtN story.

Complete the following questions on your iPad, write the question and answer out.

1: Briefly describe what the Deep Space Network is.
2. How has Australia played an important role in space exploration?
3. What did Neil Armstrong mean when he said “It’s a small step for man but a giant leap for
4. In which town is the ‘Dish’?
5. Where did NASA build the three Communication Centres?
6. When was the first mission to the moon?
7. What is it the Deep Space Communication Centre helps NASA to do?
8. The Deep Space Network’s powerful ______________ have kept in touch with just about every mission that’s gone to the moon or beyond.
9. Which anniversary is the Deep Space Network celebrating?
10. How many Dishes will the Canberra Centre have in total with the new additions? Describe the very important mission that they’ll be a part of.